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The power of a different perspective

Keeping your eye on the ball doesn’t have to mean losing sight of the larger playing field. While you never want concerns about the competition to distract you from your core objectives, a high-level review of the competitive landscape gives you the insights you need to really stand out in the market. But when a firm conducts such an analysis internally, it’s often difficult to remain objective.

The longer members of an internal team have been at a particular organization, the harder it becomes to evaluate competitors, threats, and substitutes. Employees become thoroughly immersed in the company’s corporate culture, making a clear-eyed assessment of competitors and trends virtually impossible. Consequently, competitive insights tend to be anecdotal and biased.

Our competitive landscaping / competitive intelligence services help clients to objectively benchmark itself against ‘best in class’ processes and practices in order to optimize its performance versus the competition, ultimately improving market share and maximizing profits.

Competitive landscaping can be conducted on both:

  • Competitors within the same sector or space in order to establish the client’s position versus other key players
  • Companies within other sectors believed to provide ‘best in class’ examples

We design assignments to deliver maximum insight into competitor and / or leading organization’s operations and capabilities.  Our goal is to provide our clients with an understanding of ‘what is best’ and how it is achieved, including:

  • An understanding of what ‘best’ means for each competitor
  • Strategic strengths and weaknesses of rivals that can be exploited by the client
  • Important tactical information to improve operational effectiveness, both as a defensive and offensive measure to win new customers and defend an existing customer base
  • Detailed intelligence at an individual competitor level, updating and augmenting existing client knowledge and analysis
  • A detailed comparative analysis that benchmarks the client’s product/service proposition against other leading competitors and / or organizations

If you believe your company can benefit from an outside perspective, please contact us.