Global Frontier Partners

Our clientele includes leaders across various industries. We build trusted relationships with our clients and foster a strong client service orientation among our staff members. Our professional, collaborative culture ensures that we bring the best of MXV to each and every client engagement. As a result, we build long term relationships with our clients, and have worked on multiple engagements with most of them.


We believe that impactful strategy is developed through a straightforward process based on teamwork, fact-based analysis and creative thinking. We work with our clients to develop strategies that drives tangible improvements in their businesses. We are practical strategists who avoid over-complicating problems, and instead focus on strategies and outcomes that drive the greatest results with the least execution difficulty.

We use an engineering approach in our projects. This begins with developing a keen understanding of the underlying value drivers of a business and industry dynamics. This then leads to robust hypothesis generation on what we believe could be the best strategies to pursue. We then test these hypotheses using both primary and secondary research to prove or disprove the alternatives – and isolate the strategies with the most promise. We then place considerable importance on designing an implementation plan with our clients that ensures the strategy will get executed, and establishing metrics that will confirm that the strategy is working as planned.

Structured Study Process

We use a structured methodology and approach to all of our projects. A typical project would include phases of exhaustive research followed by rigorous analysis, insight generation, and finally a presentation to the client with feedback and recommendations. The diagram below highlights our methodology.

We are known for our ability to work well with client teams, leveraging their granular, domain expertise while bringing fresh views, strategic frameworks, and analytics. Together, we creatively develop solutions to very challenging opportunities. We strive to perform outstanding work for our clients, and believe that if we serve our clients well, the rest will take care of itself.